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Care for me, I’ll care for you!

The little companion caring for children with asthma

Following an asthma treatment plan isn’t easy

Long-term Treatment

50% of asthma controller therapy
is not properly taken

Asthma Attacks

Missed doses of controller medications
can trigger asthma attack

Asthma Complications

Asthma attacks can cause
severe health complications

Your child’s new best friend

Meyko follows your child’s daily rhythm to help them stick with their medicine routine.

Emotional communication
for better adherence

Meyko is a medication reminder that fits your child’s needs. His mood swings remind your child of their medication schedules.

Application for parents

Your child’s health manager

Keep track of your child’s daily medicine intake. Get advice to reduce exposure to asthma triggers.


A closer connection to your doctor

Long term treatment tracking for better follow-up.

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Get in touch with us at contact@hellomeyko.com

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